Madrid, SPAIN

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First Moto Custom Deluxe Experience Tour Spain


Once a year, a luxury motorcycle route through Spain

We are looking for first level sponsors who want to keep or improve their brand image.

Why sponsor us?


Sponsor us associates your brand with an experience of luxury, quality and good work


The Spain Moto Experience is designed for a high purchasing power international public (English language).


This experience will have an international visibility and throughout the Spanish national territory


Promotions before, during and after the event in Social Networks and Media according to the final budget of the event.

What sponsors we need

Kinds of Sponsorhip (I)

We need international, national and local sponsors.

International Sponsors

This event will give visibility to your brand worldwide

– Hotels
– Travel agency
– Custom Motorcycle companys
– Biker accessories
– Drinks
– Others…

National Sponsors

Improve your corporate image as a company of great importance.

– Oil Companies
– Travel Assistance Insurance Companies
– Companies related to the World of Motor, Tourism, Adventure.
– Event Management
– More…

Local Sponsors

Show your company’s ability to accommodate an event of this level.

– Restaurants
– Local Tour Guides
– Local shops
– Others…

Kinds of Sponsorhip (II)

All sponsors will have visibility on our website.


Main sponsors

Aimed for large companies with strong commitment with the organization and promotion of the event or a important economic contribution.

They will have visibility in all the promotions that are made of the event and will be unique in its category.


Secondary or Partial

For companies with shared sponsorship.

They will be shown in specific promotions (only in those that are intended for the previously agreed part of the event) or in global promotions after the main sponsors.


In Kind sponsorship

For local or companies who wish to participate with a small contribution or donation or that include discounts on their services.

They will be displayed in local promotions and in the parts of the event that affect your area or area of ​​influence.

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